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Website / Ecommerce / Online Training

For this client I was responsible for building and maintaining two websites. The first, Standard Enzyme Company, is a vitamin, supplements, herbs, and homeopathic website featuring on online shop. What makes this website so unique is that the products may only be sold to authorized distributors, therefore, it is a B2B online store.

The second website, Vital Expert, is another unique website. The company sells a specialized CEDSA product with a customized database and resource software called Vitalâ„¢. The site serves as an informational website. However, for those who own the Vitalâ„¢ system, there is an online educational course behind the private walled section.


Website / Branding / Amazon Seller

This was a client starting from the beginning. We helped to develop their logo and brand messaging. In addition we built out their website. Finally, we helped get them setup as an Amazon Seller.

Website Design / Building Awareness

One of the clients, TheraTreats, we helped them build awareness through blog posts, social media posts, promotional sales, and more.

The other client, 2BeMeHealthcare, launched a new business called MySpa2Me, which provided spa services at the clients home. We built their new website, connected it to the parent company, 2BeMeHealthcare, and helped grow the business through social media and organic marketing.

Mockup of website

Website / Social Media / Branding

For DeVil Tech, we helped revamp their brand from their name, look, message, and website. The company had many government contracts and the updates to the website provided resources and assistance for securing even more.

Website / Audio & Video Elements / Email Marketing / Ecommerce

For Mount Paran Church, I worked with them full-time for several years. I was responsible for laying out the website, coordinating with a design firm, and implementing this new site. In addition, I provided many updates/upgrades to the site by combining all of the ministries under the website, added live streaming to the website, had an interactive calendar for the entire church, and created their first integrated online store.
Mockup of website
Mockup of website


Website / Email Marketing

For Atlanta West Jewelry, we helped create reimagine and redesign their website. In addition, we helped to cultivate and renovate their email marketing. Finally, we set the stage for their evolution into online selling.

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